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Monday, April 27, 2015


April 27


SHERIFF ARPAIO: “President Obama’s birth certificate as released by the White House in April of 2011, on the official White House website, as we suspect…it is a fraudulent document.”

LEAD INVESTIGATOR ZULLO: “Governor Abercrombie is inconsistent in his statements. If he couldn’t find it, how did it miraculously appear?”

SHERIFF ARPAIO: “These are facts we are talking about…this is an official investigation.”

LEAD INVESTIGATOR ZULLO: “Our work has been checked off and verified by a certified forensic document examiner who has testified in numerous trials as an expert and at the end of his report, a 40 page report, he says ‘in 20 years, I’ve seen all kinds of documents’, he has never seen anything so seriously flawed that in his opinion this birth certificate is a complete fabrication.”

SHERIFF ARPAIO: "That's a crime when you forge a government document."

LEAD INVESTIGATOR ZULLO: “That’s a felony…..if any of you went and tried to make a birth certificate, that’s a felony….if any of you took that birth certificate and tried to pass it off for gain, that’s a felony…if you took that birth certificate…you created it and you put it on the White House website, that’s a felony. I don’t know, how many more felonies do we need?”

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