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Monday, April 18, 2011

Georgia State Representative Sean Jerguson discusses Georgia's House Bill 401 Presidential Eligibility Assurance Act.

Chairman of the Clayton County Republican Party Carl Swensson sat down with Georgia State Representative Sean Jerguson to discuss the controversy surrounding Georgia's House Bill 401 Presidential Eligibility Assurance Act. Rep. Jerguson slammed the media for spinning the issue and for the "half-truths" they report about it. He says "the entire truth has not been laid out so that all of Georgia can understand what this particular bill and this particular issue is about." He blames the media for the "waning of support" for the bill saying it is a "result of misinformation" from the media. He encourages citizens to actually read the bill.

In short, he says it is a constitutional issue and a rule of law issue. Rep. Jerguson correctly implies a "natural born Citizen" is one born on American soil to parents that are either both U.S. citizens or naturalized U.S. citizens at the time of the birth of the child. He goes on to say the Founding Fathers intent was that "the individual running for the highest office of our land has no loyalty to any other country except for the United States of America." He said right now verification for presidential eligibility is "lacking".

Carl Swensson then asked Rep. Jerguson what the Georgia voters can do to get the bill moved forward. Rep. Jerguson said the citizens should get engaged and "contact their State Senators and State Representatives and the Governor's office, in a respectful and polite way, and make their voices heard." He says the true issue here is about "having and following a simple rule of law."


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